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Welcome to the website of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. We are super excited to have you on board! We are a community of like-minded conscious drinkers who are passionate about the variety of the alcohol-free drinks flavours. Just go for alcohol-free, exquisite and warming. In the center of Berlin. We are a sober bar in Berlin-Friedrichshain. All beverages on our menu are completely alcohol-free. We serve over 30 types of non-alcoholic beer, dealcoholized wine and a wide range of delicious cocktails.

favourite! alcohol-free in Berlin.

Be a part of the community. Stop by at our bar and taste new alcohol-free drinks. No hangover. No empty calories. More endorphins from laughing and connecting with mindful people. More energy the next day. So, are you looking for alcohol-free and relaxed? Well, some people say that sensational, alcoholfree or good pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also minimalistic, excellent or boozeless.

enjoyable? Some historic documents!

... where therefore alcoholic drinks are taken rather for the sake of excitement, as is the case with the mentally healthy, who in general lead a happy existence, the regular use of alcohol never induces drunkenness. The moderate use of alcohol has nothing to do with the development of any disease whatever. In ...

But today it is more about alcohol-free, relaxing or sleek. Take a leap to the alcohol-free pub!

alcohol-free pub in Berlin - sober bar Berlin