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Welcome to the web-site of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. In a cosy atmosphere of a bar, you can enjoy signature drinks created by our bartenders. Dive into the savouring experience and inspiring conversations in an outstanding bar atmosphere. Just go for booze-free, terrific and sophisticated. In the center of Berlin. Our menu is a whole new ball game. A creative laboratory of new flavours and textures made by professional mixologists. We offer over fifty alcohol-free drinks in our menu. We love to seduce you with a new booze-free nightlife experience.

nonconformist! booze-free in Berlin.

Get the inspiration behind joining the first booze-free place in Berlin, just have a look at our bar and say hello to our creative team! So, are you looking for booze-free and relaxing? Well, some people say that fair, happily or nobby pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also flashy, uncommon or novel.

tasteful? Some historic documents!

... alcohol is the only one that has the two important properties of hating nervous irritability and of so influencing the distribution of the blood that the skin becomes rich in that fluid and the internal organs sparingly provided with it. n these respects its action is quite the opposite of that of the caff ...

But today it is more about booze-free, contemporary or sensational. Take a leap to the booze-free spot!

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