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incredible, boozeless, sensational and brilliant


We are happy you are on the dry wave! Our first alcohol-free bar in Berlin is not about getting drunk, it its about savouring the experience. Have a look on our page to get the first idea about the variety of our alcohol-free beers, dealcoholized wines and non-alcoholic cocktails. Just go for boozeless, jolly and new. In the center of Berlin. You can enjoy a sober bar as place for celebration. Cosy atmosphere, friendly stuff and mocktails presented with just as much artistry and creativity include luxe intriguing ingredients all fresh and healthy.

particular! boozeless in Berlin.

Visit Zeroliq bar in Berlin when on a voyage of sober discovery. Have a look and just pass by and allow yourself to dive into the special chilled atmosphere, enjoy funky party vibes and like-minded sober people around. So, are you looking for boozeless and tender? Well, some people say that goodly, updated or pleasant pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also courageous, respectful or independent.

noalcohol? Some historic documents!

... (to be sharply distinguished from him who drinks it for the sake of Stimulation) is impelled on physiological grounds to take constantly increasing doses, he is of natural necessity on the road to sottishness, that is, to the continuous immoderate use of alcohol. In fairness, then, we must deduct from a giv ...

But today it is more about boozeless, uncommon or genial. Take a leap to the boozeless sobrietybar!

boozeless sobrietybar in Berlin - sober bar Berlin