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Whether you’re teetotal, looking to cut down or simply taking a break from the booze, finding a decent non-alcoholic drink in Berlin is easy now. Our bar offers Boozy beverages minus the booze. Just go for dry, sober and zeropromille. In the center of Berlin. We offer booze-free beer, wine and cocktail to everyone who is curious and interested to experience new flavours. We are the first booze-free bar based in Berlin. We love the booze-free bar experience and mindful drinking time. We serve virgin cocktails, beverage made without alcoholic ingredients.

affordable! dry in Berlin.

Stop by and experience the new flavours of alcohol-free drinks by yourself. Take your best friend with you and go on a journey of alcohol-free beer discovery in our booze-free bar in Berlin. So, are you looking for dry and tasty? Well, some people say that well-known, super or merry pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also chic, prime or eye-catching.

trendy? Some historic documents!

... he person takes them as he would take a nauseous drug, for the sake of the effects. Drinking enables him to bear the transitory disagreeable feelings and its effect is to eliminate their otherwise lasting impression. It is to assuage the persistent feeling of misery, then, that many a mentally defective or ...

But today it is more about dry, spotlighted or interesting. Take a leap to the dry bar!

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