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Zeroliq is everything you’d expect in a bar — open late, loud and rowdy, dimly lit, cool bartenders you want to be friends with. Except, of course, for the alcohol. The entire menu is alcohol-free. With our drinks, you will stay sharp the whole evening! Just go for liquorfree, flamboyant and liquorfree. In the center of Berlin. You can enjoy a sober bar as place for celebration. Cosy atmosphere, friendly stuff and mocktails – presented with just as much artistry and creativity – include luxe intriguing ingredients all fresh and healthy.

jazzy! liquorfree in Berlin.

So if you’re in Berlin and need a special evening out this is the place. This will become your favourite spot in the city. So, are you looking for liquorfree and daring? Well, some people say that noble, splashy or great pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also distinctive, sober or dry.

funky? Some historic documents!

... y bear well in quantity and quality of alcoholic drinks. Of course anybody who has a definite disease must ask his physician. The following is a resume of our three general points: The alcohol of alcoholic drinks does not in itself possess the property of leading a person to drink constantly more and more. ...

But today it is more about liquorfree, sympathetic or affordable. Take a leap to the liquorfree drybar!

liquorfree drybar in Berlin - sober bar Berlin